Monday, 11 August 2014

For The Home- My 'ReStore'd Powder Room

I just LOVE going in to Habitat For Humanity's ReStore when looking for items for my home.

They carry building supplies, lighting, plumbing...anything you can think of. It is all donated- most of it is used, but some is new- and all of the proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity. Love that.

So naturally, when I needed some things to 'beautify' my downstairs powder room, that's where I went.

My powder room was what I referred to as my 'sauna bathroom' when I first moved in. It was entirely made up of an orangey-oak-coloured wood paneling with blue peel-and-stick tiles on the floor. Can you picture it? Yep, it was that hideous. I didn't want to invest a lot of time or money into it, however. I'm thinking down the road I may turn it into a full bath.....perhaps.....

Here is how the ReStore helped me get a very pretty Powder Room that I now love:

Adorable mini chandelier- $40 Restore 

Wallpaper- $7 Restore
Towel rack- $2.99 Value Village
 Flooring- leftover from doing my Living Room
White paint- leftover from doing all the trim in my home (I notice the baseboard needs a touch-up since I put in the flooring :S ) 

Teal paint- $4/qt ReStore
Hardware for doors- $1 each ReStore
Shelf- I've had forever
Decorations for mirror- $2 ReStore
Vintage lamp- $4.99 Value Village
Silver outlet cover- $0.25 ReStore

So other than a new-to-me sink that I'll be continuing to look for, I'm pretty happy with how my pretty little Powder Room has turned out.

Thanks for reading, and if you need anything home improvement related, be sure to check out the ReStore.

You get to save money AND help Habitat For Humanity build homes for people who need them. It's definitely a win-win.