Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Repurposing A Men's T-Shirt Into A Dress

I love when I receive various facebook posts and messages from my friends about things that I should blog about.

Most of the time, I really DO plan to blog about their suggestions. But, most of the time- for one reason or another- I forget....

But I received this suggestion from my friend, Rusty. We both think it is pretty cool. And, I just LOVE how simple it is.

Simply find a men's tee (or I'm sure a women's tee would work as well- but perhaps Men's tees are generally longer??), make sure it is a few sizes too big for you, pull the neck hole up under your arms, then cross and tuck the sleeves into the neck hole.


And inexpensive. You can find Men's T-shirts while thrifting for a few dollars each. Or go ahead and raid you husband's closet. Tell him you had my permission to stretch out the neck hole of his favourite tee. ;)

This would also be cute with some leggings or tights.

Has anyone tried this idea? Did it work for you?

Thanks for reading and let me know if this is an idea that you love.

Blessings all.

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