Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hair Trends For Fall 2014

Like I stated in my last post, I am absolutely falling in love with fall. More and more as every year passes.

As a hairstylist, I was curious to find out what the trends were for hair this autumn. According to Harper's Bazaar, here are the new trends for hair this season:

The Off-Duty Ballerina

Thankfully- again for this season- top knots are left effortlessly undone. This is such an easy and stylishly-messy style that I know many of us are still in love with.

Braids And Twists

I have said many, many, MANY times how much I LOVE braids. So, how excited do you think I am that braids and twists are just as big for autumn?? Very. Very excited.

Center Stage

I know, I know, ALL of these models have perfect, oval faces. Yes- center parts suit oval faces best- at least that's what I believe. But, I also think that if you add a bit of texture- for example some softness, or wave to your hair- those of us who were not blessed with a perfect oval face, can now get away with rocking a center part, too.

The Mod Squad

These Jackie-O type updos, the beehive-like volume, the straighter-than-straight styles- these are undeniably retro. You can try your hand at these mod-styles to be on-trend this season.

Ponytails Rule

What girl out there doesn't love to rock a simple ponytail? Well, now you ladies are in luck- you are as stylish as can be this season. I especially love the one that is sectioned of to add some intricacy.

And now for my personal fave:

The New Wave

I LOVE these bohemian waves-turned-sleek styles. Similar to the waves of past seasons, this fall the waves are a bit smoother- they have a bit more polish to them. To me- this is even better. This means you can sleep on your hair for a couple of days, touch up a few pieces and brush them smooth. Love.

And here are the Hottest Fall Hair Colours for 2014:

According to Elle, these are the MUST HAVE colours of the season....

Flaxen Blonde-

For this season the icy and platinum blondes of the SPRING are going a bit darker. Adding honey and golds warms up these blondes and brings them into the autumn trend.  


Try scattering honey-blond highlights around the eyes,cheekbones and neckline for a naturally-highlighted-brunette effect.


This perfectly-autumn-hue simply oozes FALL, yes? This tone is bolder than the strawberry and oranges that have been debuting the last few seasons, but yet still very natural-looking



The new 'subtle-ombre' is all about softening those harsh lines that were big with the ombre craze. This beautifully-natural hue is sure to be around for many seasons to come. 

Rich Chocolate-

Alright, I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian, by any means. But....this girl has great hair. This season's Rich Chocolate colour is a gorgeous mixture of chocolate and chestnut tones.Yummy.

Thanks for stopping in and reading friends.

Hope this post has given you ladies some ideas for reinventing your hairstyle or colour.  We girls like to keep it fresh and interesting, don't we? 


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