Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Repurposed Fall Decor

I have to say- the older I get, the more I LOVE Fall.

It may be the fact that I was counting down the days of summer until my oldest child went back to school...?? ;)

But I think I just don't like feeling hot anymore. I want to wear my boots and sweaters. I want to snuggle up in lovely scarves and fuzzy mittens. I love when it's just chilly enough to smell the crispness in the air and before the smell of snow.

I also love Fall decor. Probably because fall colours have always been my favourite. Burnt oranges, mustards, browns, greys and warm reds. Those earthy colours just seem to speak to me, somehow.

And, I don't have to repeat how much I love repurposing. So these repurposed fall decor ideas that I found on Pinterest are right up my alley.

Here are some of my favourites:

For Inside The Home

How sweet are these? Vintage-looking jars for holding autumn-y foliage. Simply paint white and rough-up with light sandpaper.

Does this sweater-cuff-turned-candle-holder not scream 'FALL'? It makes me feel warm and fuzzy just looking at it. Just cut the end of an old sweater off and wrap it around a glass candle holder. Cut another skinny piece and use that to attach a autumn-coloured leaf.

You can find mason jar lids at your local thrift shop for dirt cheap and make your own pumpkin using cinnamon sticks for the stem. 

I think these old door knob pumpkins are absolutely adorable. Take a look for old door knobs at a home recycling center- like the ReStore. Then, all you need is some orange and black paint and some wire.

You can find flexible dryer vent tubing at a home recycling center (like the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore) and make it into pumpkins for decorating your home. Love this! 

I seem to always have an abundance of tissue paper around that I have saved from past birthday gifts, etc. I think this idea of wrapping tissue around glass vases with candles inside is perfect for autumn home decor.

This is a lovely idea for Thanksgiving, don't you agree? I have a bin full of wooden blocks upstairs in my sons' playroom...I doubt that they would miss 3 of them.... :)

For Outside Your Home adorable are these old shovels-turned-decor? Love it.

Make a 'wreath' for your front door out of a recycled rake. I like that this isn't using a really old 'vintage' rake....I find those are difficult to come by now. These rakes I'm sure you could find at a recycling center, thrift shop or your father's garage, maybe...?? ;)

Love. Love. Love. Some mason jars, Some wire for hanging, and some battery-operated twinkle lights. So sweet.

Speaking as someone who actually DOES have an old tire rim lying cute is this idea for displaying your pumpkin???

I think that these sweater/ shirt pumpkins are a great idea....perhaps for that sweater that you cut the cuff off of to wrap around the glass candle holder (above). Or for a beloved shirt that has a stain, rip, or several buttons missing that you just haven't had the heart to get rid of yet....

I hope this post gives you some great ideas for decorating around your home with repurposed items.

And check out my Halloween DIY Ideas that I posted last October.

Again, I encourage you to look around your home and think creatively about what you have, and how some items could be in different ways.

There will be a post on my favourite Repurposed Halloween Decor Ideas very shortly.


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