Monday, 6 October 2014

Repurposed Halloween Decor

Though this post is extremely similar to the post that I just did on Repurposed Fall Decor- there are some obvious differences.

My Fall Decor post focused more on autumn and harvest, as well as Thanksgiving decorations. This post is for those that like to step it up in a 'Scary' direction around Halloween.

This is for those that prefer Jack-o-Lanterns to Pumpkins.

For those that prefer Creepy to Pretty. Spooky, Scary, and Scream-y to boringly-perfect-fall-decorations.

For those readers I give you- Repurposed Halloween Decor:

These repurposed wine bottles are too cute. All you need is some paint and twine for the Jack-o-lantern, cheesecloth or scrap fabric and googly eyes for the Mummy, and paint and some eyes for Frankenstein.

Get it....'BOOS'??? Love it. You can easily make this decoration with paint, black raffia, and twinkle lights.

 Although this saved-from-the-trash water bottle is decorated more in a generic autumn way, I think it would be great with a ghost face, or a jack-o-lantern face on it.They used a decoupage glue to get the 'frosted' look, but you can use simple white craft glue. 

Believe it or not, I always see old ironing boards at thrift shops . I love that this old, rusty board was saved and made into a perfect Halloween decoration.

This recycled pop bottle makes a very spooky centerpiece. All you need is some styrofoam, scrap fabric, and a branch or two. 

These adorable Jack-o-lantern decorations were made from repurposed landscape edging. 

I seriously LOVE how creative people can get with their junk. It's amazing and inspiring.

Because what else do you do with old dolls that are destined for the landfill?? Make creepy Halloween decorations out of them, of course!! 

Also saved from a landfill- this broken umbrella. I think Halloween may be becoming my favourite season for rescuing garbage and making something spectacular and creative from it. 

Spray-paint an old chandelier black, add some twigs and candles and you have this amazing front-entrance decoration.

Another cute Halloween centerpiece idea. Spray paint used wine bottles to look like candy corn. Yummmm. 

I LOVE old shutters. I love them so much, in February I wrote a whole post on Repurposing Old Shutters. So naturally- I love this idea.

Well, there you have it readers. You can find these, as well as other Halloween ideas on Pinterest.

Happy decorating! As always, I encourage you to try to use things that would otherwise end up as trash. In my opinion- Halloween is THE holiday for repurposing. :)

You can also check out last year's post on Halloween DIY Ideas for more decorations for the season.


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