Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Very Repurposed DIY Christmas

To me, the best gifts are homemade. Gifts that are heartfelt, that took time and love to put together.

These gifts are usually one-of a kind,made by the giver with the givee in mind. 

So that's what I tried to do this year. To give gifts specific to people in my life to show how much I care.

Here were some of the gifts that I gave:

Crafting with my little man. 

Repurposing some frames by painting them all white. 

After one coat. 

Finished gift for my sister. Three of her favourite things and a quote on how awesome she is to be a nurse.

For my parents and my grandparents. 

The boys and I made these hot chocolate snowmen for our neighbors. We had an abundance of baby food jars, so this was the perfect year to repurpose them. The neighbors loved the snowmen. I blogged about the idea of these baby-food-jar snowmen here.

We added a small bottle of Bailey's as a Christmas gift for my son's grade 2 teacher. Because, well...I'm sure she needs it being around grade 2's ALL day. ;)

There are still some gifts that I need to give, so I won't blog on those quite yet.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got some ideas for some repurposed, DIY gifts that you can give to some loved ones throughout the year.


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