Friday, 16 January 2015

A Very Repurposed DIY Christmas....Part Two

I know, I know friends...this post is VERY late. Blogging about Christmas in JANUARY?? Seriously?

I apologize. 

I took a much needed vacay. I celebrated my 37th birthday on the beach. 

Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.

It.  Was.  Phenomenal.
And VERY much needed.

But, back to the real world....

Since I gave out the other DIY gifts that I made for my friends AFTER New Years, I had to post on those gifts quite late.

For 2 of my besties, I gave some of my children's blocks that I had repurposed.

I received these blocks for free from a daycare that was getting rid of them. 

Omigoodness, my boys are SO small here!!

Maybe I shouldn't advertise that I got them for free, since my girlies may read this... ;)

Anyhoo, similar to the picture that I made for my sister with the words of her 3 favourite things, 

I did the same for them.

Here was my process:

painting the wood

adding the wording

Hopefully, they loved them. 

I also gave them some Christmas wall decor that was handmade that I purchased. I fell in love with the detailing, and maybe I will take on something like them for next year??

Maybe if I start now.... ;)

Here are my purchased handmade items:

I love that you could use repurposed wood pieces and scrap pieces of fabric to make these.Add some twigs and some paint, and voila! Beautiful handmade wall decor.

Although I'm late, I really do hope that you all had a very blessed holiday season and are looking forward to this new year with as much enthusiasm and optimism as I am.

Peace, friends.

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