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The Different Types Of Curls For Hair & How-To's For Each

I came across this post on the Beauty Department's website on different types of curl.

I believe this a great how-to for all you curl-loving ladies out there!

In case you ever wondered how to get a certain type of curl, here are some tutorials on what tools to use AND how to wrap the hair (which incidentally is JUST as important as the tools you use).

In case you don't go to that post, I shall give you my version here.

This is your basic curl. It is relatively uniform from top to bottom. You start out at the top (roots) and curl the strand by inching your way down the hair shaft with the iron. This is done by a constant pinch and release of the iron all the way down.

This is likely the way that you are trying to curl your hair, and wondering why it never looks quite right. This type of curl seems to make the most sense because you simply clamp your ends and roll up with the iron. The curl that is achieved with this method, however, is a very tight curl at the bottom and no curl at the top. That is because by the time the iron reaches the roots of your hair, the heat will not be able to penetrate through all the layers of hair that are already wound around the iron barrel.

I love to use this curling method on my brides (because it has the chance to cool in the curled state, thus amping up the holding power of the curl), or when I am trying to acheive that "Old Hollywood Glam" type of look. You want to be sure that you curl the entire strand of hair and then clamp it with a clip or bobby pin. When cooled and brushed out, you won't believe the volume achieved!

This is probably my favourite curl and the one that I will do on 99% of my brides and bridal parties. It is more of a 'perfect' curl, which is great for more formal occassions. And when brushed out, you achieve that sought-after S-curl.  It is tricky at first to make sure that the hair stays flat against the wand and doesn't twist as you wrap it. I like the idea that the website suggests of practicing with the iron off first.

Twist wrapping around a wand produces a very natural, asymmetrical type of curl. This is a perfect curl to blend in with naturally curly/ wavy hair.  Just be sure that you twist loosely in the same direction that your hair curls and do NOT brush it out. Simply pull apart gently with your fingers.

This method of curling produces an uneven, boho-chic type of curl. It is a great curl for girls with really long hair, because you will get the curl all the way to the top of the hair shaft, but the weight of the hair will pull it out a bit, so it will not look so perfect.

Here is a video how-to on the beautiful waves this method can produce:


This is the method that I used exclusively on myself and every client...until I bought my wand. Now I find that some hair curls better with a flat iron (usually fine, uncoloured hair or naturally curly hair- because it is taming frizz and curl from both sides, I believe), and some with a wand. To get this imperfect curl, I'll tell you right now- it will take practice. You need to learn to start at the root and give the iron a quick twist (If you hold it in one spot for too long, you will get a line of demarcation) and pull slowly through the entire shaft. 

Here is a great how-to video:

This is a tough curl, in my opinion. If you like the look of this wave, I would recommend using a waving iron, like in the next method. If you are determined to try this curl, however, you basically move the flatiron like an 'S' down the hair shaft. You can check out a tutorial on this method here.

This method is probably the easiest since you ALL owned a crimper at some point, yes?? ;)    All you have to do is squeeze the hair between the 3 barrels, release, move down the hair shaft and squeeze again. You repeat down the entire strand.

I recommend using a waver with larger barrels than the one shown here. I've seen good results from the Hot Shot Tools Deep Waver and other Deep Wavers.

Here is a video tutorial for using a Deep Waver:

Well there you are friends, every type of curl out there and the best methods of achieving them.

Please, try them out and let me know your favourites!


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