Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Repurposing Lego In Useful Ways Around The Home

I saw this post on BuzzFeed and immediately had to share some of my favourites from it.

If your children are anything like mine- they are OBSESSED with Lego. 

 In my home- it's EVERYWHERE. In beds, couches, under-foot...

Here are some great ways to repurpose that Lego in helpful ways around your home.

To hold your phone charger.  

How cute is this? You can attach a Lego mini-figure to a desk or counter with some velcro and you'll always have that cord exactly where you'll need it.


Use Lego to build yourself a desk organizer.

This is a great idea. You can keep you pens/ pencils/ scissors organized with some extra Lego pieces that you surely have around.

Use Lego To Make A Key Holder.

I just love this idea. Use a few pieces of Lego, a key ring and a mini-figure and you have a cool-looking place to hang your keys.

As A Cool Necklace Charm.

You can use a small wire loop to hang your child's favourite mini-figure around their neck for safe-keeping AND as an awesome fashion-statement.

Make A Fun Lego Snow Globe.

Create the mini-figure "scene" that you'd like. Use a water-proof glue to stick the Lego to small jar lid. Fill with water and add some glitter. Shake and watch it "snow".

I hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did, friends.

It's good to know Lego can be used as more than a toy and as a deterrent for burglers (when sprinkled across the floor). ;)

 If you've used Lego in other ways- please share with me!


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

In My Closet- Pleather Leggings

I love it when I see some cute pants (or another item) on a blog or on Pinterest, and I think to myself- "I'd love to find those at a thrift shop"...and then I DO!!!

Best. Feeling. Ever.

That happened recently with these pleather leggings. I believe I saw them on Pinterest, or somewhere, and fell in love. I wanted a pair- but didn't think I would find them in thrift shops yet. I thought maybe next season. 

Then I walked in a Salvation Army Thrift Shop
and there they were. AND they were 50% off!

Now, MY pleather pants are only half pleather. The backs are a black fabric. But, I think that is even more fun. And cooler (temperature-wise). If anyone out there has ever worn pleather, you know what I am talking about. It does not breathe. But...it's worth it because it is oh-so-fun.

Here are my super-fun, half-pleather pants:

Trying to show the fabric on the back of the legs.

Pleather Leggings- $3.99 ($7.99 - 50%) Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Black Sweater- $6.99 Talize

There you are friends, you NEVER know what you are going to find when you're thrifting.

Make sure to try it for yourself! Reduce waste by donating, Reuse someone else's cast-offs and Recycle some household items.

Our earth will thank you.