Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Repurposing Lego In Useful Ways Around The Home

I saw this post on BuzzFeed and immediately had to share some of my favourites from it.

If your children are anything like mine- they are OBSESSED with Lego. 

 In my home- it's EVERYWHERE. In beds, couches, under-foot...

Here are some great ways to repurpose that Lego in helpful ways around your home.

To hold your phone charger.  

How cute is this? You can attach a Lego mini-figure to a desk or counter with some velcro and you'll always have that cord exactly where you'll need it.


Use Lego to build yourself a desk organizer.

This is a great idea. You can keep you pens/ pencils/ scissors organized with some extra Lego pieces that you surely have around.

Use Lego To Make A Key Holder.

I just love this idea. Use a few pieces of Lego, a key ring and a mini-figure and you have a cool-looking place to hang your keys.

As A Cool Necklace Charm.

You can use a small wire loop to hang your child's favourite mini-figure around their neck for safe-keeping AND as an awesome fashion-statement.

Make A Fun Lego Snow Globe.

Create the mini-figure "scene" that you'd like. Use a water-proof glue to stick the Lego to small jar lid. Fill with water and add some glitter. Shake and watch it "snow".

I hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did, friends.

It's good to know Lego can be used as more than a toy and as a deterrent for burglers (when sprinkled across the floor). ;)

 If you've used Lego in other ways- please share with me!


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