Thursday, 16 April 2015

Shabby Chic Repurposed Clay Pots

I stumbled upon this post by A Shabby Moment In Time showing off how she turned some plain, terra-cotta-coloured pots into some items of absolute beauty.

I often see these simple clay pots in thrift shops for very little money. 

Here is what she did with her inexpensive pots. I think they turned out gorgeously.


 I LOVE the way these pots were painted in an imperfect, still-see-the-terra-cotta-through-the-white kind of way. And the white chalk paint has such a beautiful matte finish to it.

I also love the addition of burlap, fabric and lace flowers, and black stenciled lettering to further increase that vintage-feel.

She also painted this bucket with chalk paint and added the black stenciled lettering to it.The little cupboard was painted with chalk paint and has a small pole inside where she plans to hand her jewelry.

I also love this little caddy that she painted with white chalk paint as well. It would be so sweet filled with knitting yarn for the knitters, toilet paper rolls or magazines in the bathroom, blankets beside the couch in the living room, or ANY number or purposes.

I would love to see some stenciled lettering (depending on what it was used for) on the side of this caddy, too.

You can check out her site here to see the mirror and chest (with cushion seat) that she repurposed with white chalk paint. They are stunning.

In case you've never used chalk paint, but are curious about it- Here is a great, simple tutorial on how to repurpose a couple of night stands with eco-friendly chalk paint:

Hope you enjoyed this post on repurposing simple clay pots (and more!). Thanks for reading!


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