Tuesday, 5 May 2015

In My Closet- From Our Last Clothing Swap

While talking to some friends recently, we decided that it was time for another Clothing Swap

We had one in the fall, and now that the weather was getting nicer- it was a great time to get rid of items that we didn't want and snap up some warm-weather treasures from someone else.

Here was a favourite score of mine:

 I snapped up this dress at the Clothing Swap, along with many other great finds.

Floral Dress- FREE
Boots- Value Village $19.99


 Black Sweater- Thrifted many years ago
Purse- Salvation Army $4.99

I think this dress would be really cute with the addition of a scarf in cooler weather and a skinny belt- like the photo below.

I was having such a blast looking for clothing that I forgot to take many photos at the Swap. Here are the few that I took:

I seriously hope that Evelyn took this steller adult onesie. 

I felt it was time to part with this beloved sweater. I hope Sharlene enjoys it as much as I did. ;)

Leanne ended up using this dress in a school production that she is directing of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

At the end of the night we even let the little's go through the clothing.

By shortening the straps, this shirt became an adorable dress for this young lady. I absolutely love that.

And this dress (?) stayed a dress, but with shortened and cris-crossed straps. :)

To all of my readers- try a Clothing Swap with your friends! It's a fun night out, and a way to swap out some clothing you don't wear for some fabulous new-to-you items. :)

You can read about other items that I have picked up for free a swaps here and here.


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