Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Some DIY Kimono Ideas

So, I am basically OBSESSED with the look of these beautiful, flowing kimonos.

I thought that I would add some of my favourite tutorials that I've found for any of my readers that are wanting to make one (or more) for themselves. Most of these I found on Pinterest- naturally.

I found this easy-peasy tutorial on Earnest Home co. :

For the complete tutorial- click here.

I especially love this one- no sewing machine required! Found this one on Verily:


Click here for the complete tutorial.

And here is a video tutorial of a really cute kimono:

And another video tutorial- this one is a truly no-sew scarf- kimono tutorial:

Hope you were inspired to try a little DIY, readers!

If you can make your kimonos out of scarves or fabric that you already own- that is spectacular. If you can find some extra large thrifted scarves to use, I would say that is just as good! ;)

Peace and blessings, friends.

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