Thursday, 4 June 2015

Colours I'll be Thrifting For This Summer (2015)

I'm always curious to see what the hot colours are for the season to come. I find the easiest way to find out what those colours will be is to check out Pantone's Colour Report. This year, for spring/ summer the report indicated earthy, airy, colours found in nature.

Now, I am by NO means a slave to fashion, and I MUCH prefer to buy timeless items that I feel good in. But, I also like to add some thrifted items to stay current...and to prove to others that you can live a completely second-hand lifestyle and not look like you are stuck in the last century. ;)

Here are some examples of the colours that liked from the report, and will be looking for while I'm thrifting:


I just love this colour- it reminds me of the crystal clear waters in the Carribean and I am instantly relaxed. I think it really IS a perfect colour for summer.


I have ALWAYS loved orange (tangerine, if you prefer). In grade nine, I wore a pair of baggy orange skater-type jeans, and they were my most FAVOURITE thing ever. Tangerine looks best on sun-kissed skin (but don't forget your SPF!), so again- I think this is a perfect pick for a spring summer colour.

Lucite Green:

This is another beautiful, soft and earthy colour. I'm not someone who EVER buys anything green (seriously- I NEVER have anything to wear on St. Patrick's Day), but I would consider a maxi skirt in this shade. ;)

And The Neutral- Glacier Gray:

It's always nice to use a neutral colour that isn't black. Since that is still pretty much ALWAYS my go-to, I should probably look for at least one gray item this season. I wish I could pull off this silvery hair-colour....maybe AFTER my wedding....

Thanks for reading, I hope this post gives you a little colour inspiration to keep in mind while thifting this summer!


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