Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My 'Hour Of Free Personal Thrift Shopping' Giveaway

My friend, Melissa F, was the winner of my last giveaway and she cashed in her prize this morning.

We had a FABULOUS time, catching up and looking for some summer items for her closet.

A couple of days ago, I had asked her to send me some ideas of what she was on the lookout for- This is what she sent me:

By looking at these photos I knew that we were looking for some summer-y, flow-y tops, some shorts and a cross-body bag.

I suggested Talize here in Hamilton for these items. I thought that would be our best bet for success. And I was right!

I got there a little early and was already filling up a cart when Melissa arrived.  She gave me a 'yes', 'no', or 'maybe' to what I had picked out and then we went on to search together.

After exhausting the sleeveless tops (we didn't even GET to the SLEEVED tops!), we went to look at the bags. Although she didn't find a cross-body bag in a colour that she wanted (I DID....more on THAT later), she did find an adorable tote in a gorgeous teal colour with brown leather straps.

We then went through the shorts (which incidentally we both agreed is a pretty frustrating item to shop for...they're always too short, or too baggy, etc...) and actually found a surprising amount of cute shorts for her to try on. 

Then came the best part- on to the fitting rooms. 

Right away she found a couple of great tops:

 I just LOVE this fun Nautical top that she ended up with.

And also this Hawaiian-type shirt.

And while she tried items on- I got to hang out with baby Timothy, who has won my heart. What an absolute doll he was.


I wanted to include an example of a perfectly cute shirt...that did nothing for Melissa. This is a lesson in 'just because something is cute- and inexpensive- if it does nothing for you- DON"T BUY IT'. It will simply clutter up your closet because you won't feel great when you wear it. But only items makes you feel amazing in them. Rant over.


Another example of some adorable shirts, that just weren't right for Melissa. But- they WILL be right for someone!

And here is what Melissa ended up purchasing today:

These 4 tops, along with a comfy white tank and a solid black tank as well.

Three- count them- THREE pairs of shorts, friends! Remember our conversation about shorts being such a hassle to find? Well, Not today! She found one pair of white, one pair of black and one pair of navy shorts that fit like a glove. Summer shopping DONE.

And hey....I was able to sneak in a little shopping for myself along the way.

Sunglasses- $2.99
Turquoise Tank- $2.99
Brown Cross-body Bag- $12.99 (Brand new with tags!)

Hanging with my new buddy Timothy while Mama picks out her new summer wardrobe.

All in all, Melissa left with 6 tops, 3 pairs of J.Crew shorts, and a tote- all for around $55, taxes in. That's easily an entire summer wardrobe for under $60!!!

Seriously friends- give thrifting a try! You'll be glad you did! Maybe what a couple of people have mentioned to me is right...Maybe 'personal thrift shopping IS my calling'... ;)

Thanks for reading!



Monday, 20 July 2015

My Thrifted Blush Lace Dress And Nude Heels

I recently attended a beautiful wedding at the Cambridge Mill. It was a stunning venue and since I style hair for weddings every weekend, I was SO happy to just be able to attend a wedding instead of working at one. I guess that is just one of the perks of being with a younger man...most of my friends have been married for years. ;)

I had an idea of the dress that I was looking for when I went thrifting last week in Thunder Bay. I tried on a few at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop, but then went next door to their Value Village. And that's when I found it.

I had actually decided on the heels first- and was thrilled when I tried them on with the dress! It was pretty much exactly the outfit that I had envisioned in my brain. Love when that happens.

Blush Dress AND Nude Heels- Value Village Thunder Bay- Purchased BOTH for under $25 taxes in.
Clutch- Talize- $5.99
Necklace and Bracelet- Thrifted AGES ago

We actually stopped ON THE WAY to the wedding to pick up a tie for the Mr....don't ask....

I LOVED this one that I found at the Redemption Prison Ministry thrift shop that we found just down the street from the Cambridge Mill. Thank-you Google.

Brown Shoes- Value Village- $12.99

Thanks for reading about my most recent thrift store finds, friends!

And ladies- don't forget to check for items for the men in your life! Our earth will smile with you for your recycling, reusing and repurposing. 



Monday, 6 July 2015

My Absolutely Fabulous Thrifted Coffee And Side Tables

About a year and a half ago I blogged about a New (To-Me) Thrift Shop In Town.

I mentioned that I found the prices a wee bit on the high side- more similar to consignment prices than thrift prices. But all-in-all- I said that I would visit again, for sure.

Well, that little thrift shop moved down the street from me (squeeeeeeeeee), and I am so glad that I visited their new shop.

I saw these tables posted on their facebook page and I knew that I had to go and check them out:

When I got there, it was love at first sight.

Here they are in my Living Room.

Coffee Table Bench- $149

Side Table Bench- $99

I feel like they look pretty at-home here. :)

Again, I would say that their prices are more on the high side- for a thrift shop. BUT, the quality of their items are very high. So, I do believe the prices are fair.

If you go in expecting their prices to be more in line with a consignment store - at least in regards to their furniture- I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the quality of the items.

Here are some of the furniture/decor items they have posted on their page:


I definitely feel that this shop is worth the drop-in! Head over to 1050 Upper Gage and check them out! 

This week all their clothing is $1!!