Monday, 17 August 2015

National Thrift Day- My Top Ten Reasons To Thrift

It's National Thrift Day, friends!

To celebrate- I've come up with my Top Ten Reasons why thrifting is just the best!

10- You get to buy clothing that is different than everything everyone else is wearing.

9- Or, if you desire, you get to buy clothing that is the SAME as everything everyone else is wearing- but you just bought it for less.

8- You get to help the earth. Buying second-hand recycles items and reduces the need to manufacture new items.

7- You can feel good that you've saved an item from a landfill. You're basically a hero.

6- It's like a fun scavenger hunt every time you shop. Who knows WHAT you'll find!

5-  You get to save money, loads of it. 

4- You get to brag to everyone about what a great deal you got when you get loads of compliments on your purchases.

3- Did I mention ALL of the money you save? Seriously...

2- You get to hum the 'Thrift Shop' song while you're shopping. ...."I'm gonna pop some tags....only got twenty dollars in my pocket..."

And the number one reason why thrifting is the absolute best is this:

This woman found Chris Hadfield's authentic space suit at a Canadian thrift shop and bought it for $40. For real life. You never know what unique items you will find.

You can read about WHY I only buy second hand here

Thanks for reading friends and make sure to get out thrifting to celebrate National Thrift Shop Day!! 


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