Monday, 28 September 2015

Repurposed Halloween Decor 2015

It's that time of year again. 

The time to look around the home for items to repurpose into some spoooooo-ky decorations.

 This year I found plenty of DIY ideas made from garbage items that most of us have lying around the home every day.

These little bats caught my eye right away this year! So easy and adorable! 

A couple of toilet paper rolls, some construction paper and markers- and voila! A fun (and repurposed) Halloween craft for the kids to help make. You can find the step-by-steps here

 Here's another DIY that the kiddos will love. These bottle cap magnets are too cute!

Some googly eyes, glitter and felt and you've got yourself some bottle cap bats. Tutorial here

And here's another one for the kids and also made with repurposed bottle caps. Halloween hair clips.


Seriously, how sweet are these hair clips?? And easy! Directions on how to make a spider, bat and pumpkin hair clip here

I just loved these cereal box monsters when I saw them!

How cute are these for around the home, and who DOESN'T have extra cereal boxes? Side note- any other boxes could be used. Find the easy-peasy step-by-steps here.

These 'Junkin' Pumpkins' caught me eye with their adorable rustic feel.

My recycling bins are always overflowing with tin cans from pasta sauce, beans, diced tomatoes etc. Now I have a re-purpose for them!

You can find the tutorial for these pumpkins here.

I don't have a tutorial for this craft- but I am just in love with the string art that I am seeing all over Pinterest these days. This skull would be super cute put up alongside some halloween decor. If you have a piece of wood, some paint, nails and string- then you can have this:

And if you have any tea light jars (or baby food jars) around...I mean- who doesn't? Those things seem to multiply on their can wrap them in black lace for this very pretty decor DIY. 

And finally- to finish with a yummy Halloween treat idea. Any child...who am I kidding- or ADULT- would LOVE to get this at a Halloween party!

For more Repurposed Halloween DIY ideas you can check out my 2013 post here, and last year's post here.

I also did a post on Repurposed Fall Decor here

Hope you are all enjoying the change of season. The crispness in the air, the beauty of the leaves as they begin to change, and the over-abundance of pumpkin-spice EVERYTHING. ;)

 Thanks for reading. Blessings.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Facebook Buy And Sell Groups- A Great Way To Buy Second-Hand!

In the last couple of years, I've joined a few Buy-and-Sell groups on facebook. 

A couple are specific to Moms. One is specific to the City of Hamilton.

Lately I have been finding total SCORES on these groups!

A couple of months ago, I was able to snap up this super-duper cutesy dress. The tags were still on, and it was obviously bought from an independent shop (which I OBVIOUSLY love!). 

This dress, bought on a Mom's Buy-and-Sell Group, was only $15!

Belt- thrifted ions ago.

Shoes- Talize- $7.99


I love these boots.

I grabbed them off of a fellow Mom this past week. They are (perhaps faux?) wool on the outside and fleece lined. They fit as though they were made for my feet only. I LOVE them.

Taxi Grey Knee-Length Boots- $20 from a Mom's Buy And Sell Group.

I even took a chance on buying a CHI hair straightener on a Facebook Buy-and-Sell Group. 

I use it for work (!!), but I thought, if it doesn't work well, I'll just use it at home on my hair.

Well, works perfectly.

The person selling apparently had "too many CHI irons". Well, good for ME, I guess!

CHI professional flat iron- $35 off of a Hamilton-based Buy-and-Sell Group.

Even with my hair-stylist discount, I couldn't get CLOSE to that price.

Just another idea for you readers out there on the different avenues you can use to buy second-hand.

Remember- buying second-hand reduces consumption (which produces less pollution, waste, and is more eco-friendly). 

Buying from a Buy-and-Sell Facebook Group helps support someone in your very own community.

Check out some Facebook Groups that are based in your community- You'll be glad you did!!


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Our Newest Clothing Swap- AKA Girls Night Out- Or Shopping For FREE!!

We had an awesomely fabulous Clothing Swap last night.

So. Much. Fun.

It's just such a great feeling to clear out room in your closet- to take out things that you don't wear anymore, for whatever reason- and to see someone else fall in love with one of those items.

And I always go with NO expectations, whatsoever. I always think, maybe I'll find a cute dress, or a shirt...maybe.

But I ALWAYS end up amazed by what I find. This time I grabbed a FABULOUS leather jacket. A beautiful maxi dress. A cute scarf, some tank tops, a couple of hoodies. 

Not to mention, had a great time with some amazing ladies.



Making faces. And shopping.

Oh ya. I totally snapped up this sweatshirt.

More shoping.

Trying on and saying 'not for me'.

And more shopping.

Grabbed this cute number for a Carribean Honeymoon Vacay.

I cannot emphasize enough what a fun and inexpensive way a Clothing Swap is to add new items to your wardrobe!

If you're thinking about having a Swap with your friends, you can check out my tips here and here.

Thanks for reading! Happy Swapping!

Peace, friends.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Oh Ya, Baby- The Shirt Tuck Is Back!


Along with the rise in waistlines of our pants and skirts, I am very happy that the "tuck" has returned.

Does anyone else feel a sense of nostalgia when they give the front of their shirt a little tuck? No? Just me...?

I remember tucking in ALL of my shirts in the late 80's- early nighties. With my big hair. And my baggy jeans.

These tucked looks are a vast improvement on THOSE looks- let me assure you...


Here are the different TYPES of tucks that you can try-

The FULL-Tuck: 

I like the full-tuck best with highwaisted pants and pencil skirts. Try putting your shirt on first and then pulling your bottoms over top. Lift your arms to the sky for that perfect amount or "un-tuck". I love the waist-whittling effect of this look.

(Anyone else remember wearing THESE babies- the button-down bodysuit? I suppose they are also ripe for a comeback) They are the easy way to get the 'tuck' without the bulkiness of a shirt bunching beneath your skirt/pants.

 My Personal Fave- The FRONT-Tuck:

I love the casual, 'Did-I-mean-to-do-that?' feel to the front-tuck. It is great for slouchy tops, so you don't look swallowed up by them. It can give more masculine button-down tops a bit of a feminine feel, as well.


 And Lastly- The Half-Tuck:

 I WISH I could utilize this look. It's casual. It's fun. It's perfectly un-done. But, my OCD loves things to be symmetrical and sadly- I don't ever see myself rocking this trend.

So PLEASE readers- do it FOR me!! ;)


SO, what do you think friends? Will you be rockin' the tucked-in trend this season? (Hopefully with some thrifted items, if so!!)

Thanks for reading!