Saturday, 26 September 2015

Facebook Buy And Sell Groups- A Great Way To Buy Second-Hand!

In the last couple of years, I've joined a few Buy-and-Sell groups on facebook. 

A couple are specific to Moms. One is specific to the City of Hamilton.

Lately I have been finding total SCORES on these groups!

A couple of months ago, I was able to snap up this super-duper cutesy dress. The tags were still on, and it was obviously bought from an independent shop (which I OBVIOUSLY love!). 

This dress, bought on a Mom's Buy-and-Sell Group, was only $15!

Belt- thrifted ions ago.

Shoes- Talize- $7.99


I love these boots.

I grabbed them off of a fellow Mom this past week. They are (perhaps faux?) wool on the outside and fleece lined. They fit as though they were made for my feet only. I LOVE them.

Taxi Grey Knee-Length Boots- $20 from a Mom's Buy And Sell Group.

I even took a chance on buying a CHI hair straightener on a Facebook Buy-and-Sell Group. 

I use it for work (!!), but I thought, if it doesn't work well, I'll just use it at home on my hair.

Well, works perfectly.

The person selling apparently had "too many CHI irons". Well, good for ME, I guess!

CHI professional flat iron- $35 off of a Hamilton-based Buy-and-Sell Group.

Even with my hair-stylist discount, I couldn't get CLOSE to that price.

Just another idea for you readers out there on the different avenues you can use to buy second-hand.

Remember- buying second-hand reduces consumption (which produces less pollution, waste, and is more eco-friendly). 

Buying from a Buy-and-Sell Facebook Group helps support someone in your very own community.

Check out some Facebook Groups that are based in your community- You'll be glad you did!!


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