Sunday, 13 September 2015

Oh Ya, Baby- The Shirt Tuck Is Back!


Along with the rise in waistlines of our pants and skirts, I am very happy that the "tuck" has returned.

Does anyone else feel a sense of nostalgia when they give the front of their shirt a little tuck? No? Just me...?

I remember tucking in ALL of my shirts in the late 80's- early nighties. With my big hair. And my baggy jeans.

These tucked looks are a vast improvement on THOSE looks- let me assure you...


Here are the different TYPES of tucks that you can try-

The FULL-Tuck: 

I like the full-tuck best with highwaisted pants and pencil skirts. Try putting your shirt on first and then pulling your bottoms over top. Lift your arms to the sky for that perfect amount or "un-tuck". I love the waist-whittling effect of this look.

(Anyone else remember wearing THESE babies- the button-down bodysuit? I suppose they are also ripe for a comeback) They are the easy way to get the 'tuck' without the bulkiness of a shirt bunching beneath your skirt/pants.

 My Personal Fave- The FRONT-Tuck:

I love the casual, 'Did-I-mean-to-do-that?' feel to the front-tuck. It is great for slouchy tops, so you don't look swallowed up by them. It can give more masculine button-down tops a bit of a feminine feel, as well.


 And Lastly- The Half-Tuck:

 I WISH I could utilize this look. It's casual. It's fun. It's perfectly un-done. But, my OCD loves things to be symmetrical and sadly- I don't ever see myself rocking this trend.

So PLEASE readers- do it FOR me!! ;)


SO, what do you think friends? Will you be rockin' the tucked-in trend this season? (Hopefully with some thrifted items, if so!!)

Thanks for reading!


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