Thursday, 5 November 2015

Thrift Some Dollar Store Crafts

I saw this post on Pinterest today- "14 Pretty And Practical Dollar Store Crafts" and just had to check it out.

I love saving money on home decor ideas. 

But I REALLY LOVE when I can envision making those same items with some beautiful, thrifted gems.

Here are a couple of my favourite ideas from that post:

This post had a great idea to use inexpensive Dollar Store frames and paint them white.


She then added some metal bookplates to personalize the fames.

I just love how you can print out labels to remind you when and where the photo was taken. And when you switch out the photo? Switch out the label.

I can absolutely envision thrifted frames used in the same way. And you would get a more interesting, non-uniform look with different sizes and shapes.


In this post, the writer took a few craft boxes (used to store photos or small items), painted them, stenciled words on them, stacked them and used a lamp making kit to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind lamp.

My thought is that without making the boxes into a lamp- you could find some cute, thrifted boxes that were a little less match-y ...and do the same thing. Paint, stack, stencil some meaningful words on them.

Great second-hand decor idea and extra storage, too!   

And lastly,

This blogger found some candle holders on  line for $40. She thought- "I can do that with Dollar Store items", and did so for $5.

All she did was wrap jute around the base of the candle holder.

Again, you can EASILY find vases, mason jars, candle holders in ANY thrift shop. You can wrap jute, rope, ribbon, lace, burlap....the list is ENDLESS! You can also find candles. So- you could get her $40 for $5 or even cheaper if you look second-hand.

Thanks for reading friends. 

I hope I've given you some ideas to DIY not only cheap crafts, but to recycle and to repurpose items that have already been loved.


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