Thursday, 26 November 2015

Today I DIY-ed A Re-usable Advent Calendar

Today I decided that if I was going to DIY an Advent Calendar this year, it had better be today. Next week is the beginning of December, after all. So, here are my many step-by-step's to my repurposed, re-usable Advent Calendar that I dreamed up and finished today.

I was inspired by various Pinterest calendars that I've seen, but also by my friend Sharlene's Calendar that I blogged about here.  

First, I went down to my laundry/ storage room. Otherwise known as the Repurposing Room. I found a mirror that the past owners had left here. They had it left above their sink. At first, I thought- "why would someone want to look at themselves while they did the dishes??" But now I wonder if this was a genius idea- doing your makeup while making the kiddos breakfast perhaps?? I may need to think more on this... ;)

Anyhoo, this mirror is no more.

I removed the mirror and the board behind it. So then I was left with an empty frame.

I tied some raffia to the frame. I decided to do 4 rows. Then I attached some glittery washi tape to some regular, run-of-the-mill wooden clothespins.

I realized quickly that the bags that I had purchased from Dollarama were going to be too big to fit 24 of them on this frame. So I decided to snip the tops off of the bags.

I then wrapped 3 small goodies in Kleenex (so the kiddos couldn't peek inside) and placed them in each bag. I used stickers, markers, some supplies to make ornaments, and a few sugary treats, too.


And here is the finished product: 

Oh, I should mention that I decided to staple-gun the raffia to the back of the frame so that it stayed in place.

Here it is up on the wall:

Then tonight I decided it needed an 'Advent' sign. You know- in case it wasn't clear what it was. Haha.

Alongside my kijiji-bought  "curtain lights" and star-ornaments.

Absolutely LOVING how this repurposed, reusable Advent Calendar turned out. Now I cannot wait until December first to start celebrating with my kids! (yes, I do realize that advent does start before December first- but there was NO way of fitting any more bags on that frame!!) ;)

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Peace and blessings, friends.

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