Wednesday, 27 January 2016

In My Cuban Closet 2016

Friends, to be completely honest, when I sat down to write this post, I wasn't sure whether to put it in the 'In My Closet' section of my blog, or in the 'Confessions Of A Single Mom' section.

I recently took a trip to Jibacoa, Cuba. The awkward thing about the trip was supposed to be my honeymoon. The plan was to get married on New Year's Eve, and then to get whisked away to some sand, sun and relaxation on Jan 2nd. You can read about the reasons that I didn't feel we were ready to get married here.

After numerous discussions and debates, we made the decision to still go on the vacation together.

The week was actually great. When the weather was lousy, we played pool and ping-pong. When the weather was nice (which was only 2 days out of 7), we snorkeled, swam and relaxed on the beach. I actually had hope that we could still possibly make 'us' work.

Unfortunately, the other half of the equation did not share those feelings. So, instead of focusing on that (and it will likely factor in to another post soon I would think), lets focus on the clothing items that I brought on the trip, yes?


Here are the thrifted/ second-hand clothing items that I took to Cuba this month:

I just love this tankini that I picked up at this Clothing Swap. Also love that it was FREE.  

 I really love to bring a couple of neutral-coloured maxi skirts and a few tank tops on vacation with me. You have a huge array of possible outfits that way. During the day, tanks and maxi skirts were what I would throw on over my bathing suits.

Black Maxi- thrifted years ago. I believe it was around $5.99
Yellow Tank- Picked up at our last Clothing Swap- FREE 
Ocean Pacific teal bikini top- $4.99 at Value Village 


I didn't plan to leave the resort, but we went into Havana for one of the days. Since All I had with me were dresses and skirts- I borrowed a pair of shorts from the man. It was raining off and on that day, and I didn't want my long skirts dragging around in puddles. 

Shorts- Borrowed
Black Tank- $3.99 at Talize
*Straw Fedora- $4.99 at Value Village 
Strappy Black Sandals- $6.99 at Plato's Closet

*(I have to tell you- if you shy away from second-hand hats because of lice or bugs of any type- simply put a bag over the hat and put it in your freezer for two weeks. The extreme cold kills them)  

In the evenings, I opted for maxi dresses most nights. It got a bit cool at night.

Maxi Dress- $9.99 Value Village (also seen here)

I celebrated my birthday in Cuba this year. I had a delicious dinner in the Italian restaurant at the resort. 

Lace dress- $14.99 Value Village (also seen here)
Brown Sandals- $5.99 Value Village
Clutch- $3.99 Talize

I also like to bring along one short black skirt to add to the outfit possibilities with the various tanks. And a black sweater, since the Cuban winter get a teensy bit cool. 

Blue Tank: Cothing Swap- FREE
Black Mini Skirt: Cast-off from a friend- FREE
Black Flats- $5.99 at Talize 
Black clutch and jewelry I've had forever. 

Well, friends- that's what was in my Cuban Closet this time around. Hope it gave you some ideas for packing (and thrifting) for any upcoming trips you may be taking this year.

I hope you are all having a fabulous 2016 so far. It's been a tough go so far for me....but I have faith that it can only get better from here!!



Thursday, 21 January 2016

Support A Fabulous Local Entrepreneur- Christina With GlitterBug Face And Body Art

Over the Christmas holidays, my children and a friend's girls were blessed with a day of face painting.

The kids absolutely LOVED it and had such a blast choosing what they would have painted on themselves. 

Some chose to have an elaborate design on the face. Others decided to do something less elaborate on the cheek and also to have a design on their arm.

All of the designs were SO beautifully done, and the kids were over-the-moon-excited about it! 

Here are a few photos of the process:

Silas getting a flaming hockey puck on his arm.


He was ecstatic with the end result!

Christina was then kind enough to do this amazingly-detailed snowflake on his cheek!

Sloan asked for a rainbow. This rainbow with a pot-of-gold completely blew me away!!

Then, he asked for a snowman for his cheek. I just love the glittery-wintery background.

Next up- Grace. :)

She wanted a snowman as well.

Love it.

Faith asked to be a reindeer.


And for Ava- an angel.

So pretty.

She then even offered us Mom's anything we'd like. My friend Lyndsay asked for a cross on her arm. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman.

Friends, I HIGHLY recommend Christina McCarthy with GlitterBug Face And Body Art
for any birthday parties, corporate events, family reunions, holiday parties, Halloween parties...anything you can think of! The kids (and adults) will love it!

She was beyond professional, well-equipped and crazy-talented!

Her website is
Check it out. 

She also offers glitter tattoos!! Umm, helloooo bachelorette parties?? Just a thought...

 Here are some other designs from her facebook page:

Seriously. Book her. Do it now. ;)

I love to try to promote local businesses and local talent. And Christina definitely has talent.

Blessings, friends.