Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Quick Video On How Cheap Clothing Is Killing The Planet

A few of my friends have tagged me in, or posted this video to my facebook timeline.

Its DEFINITELY an important one to share with everyone.

This video explains how that cheap $8 shirt takes it's toll on the environment and the workers making it.

I always say: If the price seems to good to be is. 100% of the time.

If it doesn't cost YOU, it DID cost someone:

-Their resources in the area which they live in.

-Their time away from their family (working long hours for a measly wage).

-Their health (horrendous working conditions) and in some extreme conditions, their death. Think back to the textile building collapse in Bangladesh not that long ago.


Try the options mentioned:

-Buy less

- Buy from ethical shops

-Look for durability (look for items that you will wear over and over again) 

-Don't trash it (recycle it). Donate it or turn it into rags to clean with.

- Don't wash it so often. A huge reason that clothing is such a drain on the planet and it's resources is how much water/ energy we use to wash it all. So, "Get a little dirty".

I love their ending to the video.

Remember that your $8 shirt has a lot in common with Danald Trump.

It's obnoxious.

It's bad for the environment.

And it comes in an unfortunate shade of orange.

Peace, friends.

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