Thursday, 17 March 2016

How To DIY This Spring's Shoulder Cut-Out Trend

If you've been seeing a lot of tops with the shoulders cut out of them-it's not seamstress-error! ;)

It's this spring's big trend- so get your beautiful shoulders on display, ladies!

Here are my favourite how-to's for repurposing a thrifted top- or one that you already own- to try out this season's fun trend.

I'm going to post them in order of easiest DIY, to most difficult (at least in my eyes).


How easy is this shoulder-cut-out DIY? Just use some scissors and some glue! You can find the whole tutorial here.

This DIY looks similar the first tutorial- although it looks like she just made a straight cut along the seam of the shoulder. Then perhaps used some thread to gather the bottom of the sleeve. So easy!

I absolutely LOVE this DIY. She simply rips the seam and sews it by hand. I love it because when the shoulder-cut-out trend is over, you can very easily re-sew the shoulder closed again! Check out the tutorial here.

This is a DIY for those wanting more of a dramatic cut-out look. She cuts out the shoulders and sews them by hand. Tutorial here

And here is a more labour-intensive DIY. Actual meaning- you need a sewing machine for this one. Its still pretty simple. Check out the tutorial here.

And here is a No-Sew Fendi-Inspired DIY video using metal studs:

Thanks for reading, friends! 

If you've been inspired, and try one of these DIY's- please share with me!!

I plan on trying the seam-ripped one, for sure!!



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