Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Scarves As Shirts, Belts, And More...

A few weeks ago my friend, Danielle, texted me this photo. She said that she thought I would love it for an idea for my blog. She was right!


Is there anything quite like a scarf? We all have several, I'm sure. Different sizes, shapes, colours. 

When thrifted, you can update a simple, ordinary outfit with an on-trend scarf for just a few dollars!

I love the idea of using a long scarf as a top, like in the photo above. I also love how she made sure to keep it asymmetrical and uneven. That just adds to the casual, cool vibe.

I decided to look for other photos of scarves used as shirts. These were my favourites:

Not sure anyone other than Madonna's body would look as gorgeous in this scarf-shirt, but had to share. Also- her hair is AMAZING in this photo, no??

This is more like a kimono-type top, but I love how easy it is. Just drape a large rectangle scarf over your shoulders and belt it at the waist. 


This look is similar to the one above, but the blanket scarf has a different shape to it. It also is made from a thicker, sturdier fabric- so you end up with more of a warm-sweater-feel, rather than a light and airy feel in the middle photo above.

I also saw some great ideas for wearing scarves as belts. I did this all the time in my 20's. Perhaps its time to try this again...

I love the pop of yellow that this scarf adds to these 2 outfits. This would be an easy way to bring in the colour of the season to any outfit. 


I love this classy, dressed-up version of using a scarf for a belt. Easy and beautiful. If you used a dark scarf over a coloured dress/top, it would be quite slimming!


I thought that this scarf-belt tutorial was unique and cute. I'll have to try this! 

I also really liked this repurposing idea for scarf storage. There are ALWAYS shower curtain rings for sale at thrift shops.

And I also liked this video for more ideas for how to wear scarves as shirts, dresses and more:

Well, I hope you all got some great ideas for new ways to wear scarves. Check out your favourite thrift shop for some on-trend new looks!



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