Monday, 6 June 2016

A Memory Board For My Grandpa From A Repurposed Window Frame

Yesterday was my grandfather's funeral.

He was 96 and lived an incredible life. 

He and my grandmother were married for 70 years. He had 3 loving children (and 3children-in-laws), 8 healthy grandchildren and 4 crazy great-grandchildren. 

My grandmother says that they lived a blessed life. And I believe she's right.

For the funeral I put together a memory board for my Dad's family's side. Unfortunately, my parents are in the middle of a move- and have all their old photos packed up. But I was able to work with what I had, along with what my sisters could contribute.

Many years ago, my friend Dallas (who also gifted me with this fabulous table repurposed from a church pew- seen here) found a discarded old window frame on the side of a road. He snatched it up, painted it black and gave it to me as a gift one day. 

For a long time I had it hung up empty- trying to decide what to put in it. Nothing seemed right.

It was the absolute perfect frame for my memory board.  

I painted it out in a muted grey-green and organized my photos on large pieces of white bristol board. I decorated the board with cardstock and jute ribbons.

I was able to add my 8 year old and 5 year old's writing, which I think makes it very special.

And then added a very appropriate quote that he said often.

And here is the finished product:

My tribute to an extraordinary man.

Grandpa, we will miss those amazing blue eyes and your contagious laughter. Your strong hugs and loving kisses. Your stories, your wisdom and your strength.

Loved you then, love you still.
Always have. Always will.

Until we meet again.



  1. That was such a beautiful photo collage Melissa! So very creative and so very filled with love! Thank you so much for sharing.... xox

    1. Thank you for commenting!! I just saw this comment now!

    2. Thank you for commenting!! I just saw this comment now!