Thursday, 16 June 2016

My Newest Giveaway- THREE Munch Mitts!!!

I am SO very excited about my latest giveaway!! 

You all know that I purchase almost everything used and second-hand. 

That *ALMOST everything* accounts for gifts for birthdays, babies, etc. (unless I know for a fact that the families enjoy receiving second-hand gifts). 

So, for the times that I do buy new, I make sure that I am supporting a local shop/small business owner.

And that is why I absolutely LOVE The Munch Mitt

The Munch Mitt was invented/created by a local Momtrepreneur and it is simply a FABULOUS product. I loved the idea before I knew that the owner was local- now I ADORE this product even more!!

The owner (also named Melissa), was looking for a way to soothe her little 3 month old's teething struggles. He, like my own children, would not keep a soother in his mouth- and would chomp on his (or her own) hands instead.

And the Munch Mitt was born. I have to say- I wish I had owned one of these when my boys were tiny. I love to give these as gifts to friends with babies.

These awesome Mitts sell for CND$21.95 each, and I am able to give THREE away for FREE!

This is why I am so very excited!!

Three separate names will be drawn and the winners will be able to choose from any of the regular sized Munch Mitts in their brand new colours! (NEW pink shimmer, NEW shimmer purple, and NEW aqua).

Simply share this post with your friends on any social media site and comment with the new colour that you'd love to win!

***If we are not friends on social media, be sure to comment below to let me know that you've shared, so that your name will be entered into the draw!***

Names will be drawn on June 23rd!

Blessings, and best of luck to all!!


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  4. Shared on Facebook! Would love the Aqua!! Or Purple! (Sharon Baxter)