Monday, 11 July 2016

My New Obsession: My Facebook Trading Group

A couple of weeks ago I started posting the wedding items that I had purchased or had made myself,  that I never ended up using- items that I now feel it's time to get rid of- on facebook Buy-And-Sell groups, kijiji, etc...

Shortly after my postings went up, a friend of mine mentioned a trading group to me- and I was immediately intrigued. As someone who only purchases second-hand, bartering has long been one of my favourite ways to acquire the things that I am in need of.

For those of you not familiar with how bartering/trading works, here it is- plain and simple. People will trade goods (clothing/ furniture/ household items, etc) or services (hair cutting/babysitting/ home maintenance) that they no longer need or that they have to offer, with someone who has a good or service that they do need. The only rule is no money will be exchanged. 

Many people ask for/offer consumables (food they don't like/ food from their garden, etc.),  wine and beer is a popular item that people ask for, clothing, shoes, records, funiture...the list is endless.

Here are a few of my sweet trades so far!

I had these wood slices that I was going to use as part of my wedding centerpieces. 

 I traded 10 slices for a couple of bottles of wine.

One bottle I then traded for a very cute pair of boots:

And the other bottle I quickly traded for a cooler that I was in need of for my upcoming camping trip with my boys.

Do you get the picture? I traded something I didn't need and ended up getting items that I DID need! Bartering is the best!

Here are some other sweet items that I've scored:

These adorable "light bulb" iron candle holders. I traded three chocolate bars for these beauties.

These two canvas pieces were traded for a bag or tortilla chips!! Serious WIN! LOVE these.

 And this gorgeous coral lampshade... I traded a couple of bottles of beer for it (white lamp base found at Value Village for $4.99).

So friends...why buy new (and contribute to the pollution, inhumane working conditions, and garbage issue that we have on this planet), when you can trade your items or services?

I know I will continue to do so!!