Thursday, 20 October 2016

Large Outdoor Decor Piece Repurposed From An Old Ladder

A few weeks ago the littles and I were on our way to a friend's home for a swim. 

I happened to be distracted by a few pieces of furniture being brought out and displayed on a home's front lawn on our way. Not to be one to EVER drive by and not check out free or cheap furniture- I pulled a U-turn and parked.

An old, vintage-y-looking wooden ladder caught my eye right away. I asked how much and the guy shrugged and said five bucks. SOLD!!!

I bungee-corded the long ladder into my car along with my 3 boys and headed off to swim. When I got home and leaned the ladder up against the fence- I realized that it was a bit taller than I had first thought it was.

My original thought was to use it inside my home as an A-frame shelving unit, and decided that I would just saw off part of the legs to make it fit.

But then I saw ladders being used as outdoor decor (on Pinterest, obviously). I loved that idea. 

It was mid-September at this point- not QUITE autumn, but I decided that it was close enough. I found 4 matching placemats at Dollarama. I drew large letters on each one with a jumbo sharpie marker and had my 8 year old colour them in.

I used some yarn to attach the letters to 4 ladder rungs. This has worked perfectly.

I also picked up some fall-like leaf decor at Dollarama, as well. This will definitely be re-used for years to come. As will the placemat letters.

And, the finished product:

(Side note- the garage door was painted that way when I moved's on the long list of things to paint...)

Hope you enjoyed my repurposed ladder DIY. And it cost me less than $15.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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