Monday, 3 October 2016

What A Successful Thrifting Trip Looks Like In The Never New Home

Let me paint you a picture of a pretty much perfect thrifting experience for me. 

Friday morning, my friend Leanne calls to ask if I want to go thrifting at Talize. And....of course I do. Even though there are boxes and boxes still that need putting away- thrifting is my zen time. So I went.

I had in my mind that I would like to get some black boots and perhaps a black purse, as well. Last fall I found some great grey wool boots (seen here) and the year before that I had snapped up some very cute and comfy brown boots (seen here).

Alright...back to my morning.

Not only did I find some great black boots, but I found a purse as well. I also found an adorable sweater, a leather skirt (that I totally stole off of a mannequin), and a super cute dress. That is what I would call a successful thrifting trip.

Here are the items that I found:

Leather skirt (stolen off of the mannequin)-   $14.99

 Penguin sweater (I'm pretty much in love with this)- $6.99
Acid wash jeans- from a previous Talize score- $7.99 (also seen here)

 Black boots- $14.99

Black Purse- $17.99

Flowery dress- $12.99
Black flats- A previous Bibles For Missions score- $9.99

And there you have it, friends. An extremely successful thrift shopping day in my books.

That being said...if you add it up- it's also in the books of one of my more expensive trips. But I think with everything I purchased, I still got a steal of a deal.

Thanks for reading!