Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Other Repurposed Hunk Of Plywood Sign- And My Other Christmas Decor

I finally finished my second repurposed 'hunk' of plywood sign for the wall above my couch.

The last blog that I posted was about finding some plywood in my garage and deciding to make some large Christmas signs out of them to hang above my couch. Which is a rather large area to fill. You can read that post here

This sign I decided to make less of a 'picture', and decided to simply write some wording on it. One of my favourite Christmas carols has always been 'Oh Holy Night'. This carol has some of my favourite lyrics in it. The lyrics I chose from 'Oh Holy Night' were the words "...A thrill of hope- the weary world rejoices". Isn't that a beautiful thought? I don't know about you, but I feel that the world really is a very weary place sometimes.

I used the same technique on this sign as I did for my other sign- drawing everything on with chalk first, then going over the lettering with paint when I was happy with the way that it looked.

Link for other sign here.

I used the same teal, grey, white and silver colours that I used for the other sign, so that they look like a set up on that expansive wall together.

 I thought that I would also add some of my other recycled/ repurposed/ thrifted Christmas decor to this post...since I've had requests to see how I decorate.

My Living Room:

Here is my Christmas tree that I have reused for about 14 years now. In case you are curious about which is 'greener'- real or artificial- I wrote a post on researching it a few years ago. You can read about my findings here.


It's hard to see them in this photo, but I purchased these icicle-type Christmas lights for my window last year for about $15 off of kijiji.

My repurposed particle wood signs. Cost me $0.

Not Christmas decor- but I should mention that I picked up this seat/ottoman set from Value Village for $30.

The various holiday knick-knacks on my bookshelf were mostly given to me by my clients over the years. This year I put some thrifted lights inside my 'birdcage', and I am very happy with the result. 

My Dining Room: 

The Nativity Set was purchased by me my fist Christmas back here in Ontario in 2003.The runner was my Grandma's. The candle holders/ candles were thrifted.

The gift boxes have been gifted to me over the years. The Santa was my Grandmother's.

The Stairwell:

The garland, bows, and Snowman Family downstairs, all belonged to my Grandma.
(Try to imagine all of the natural wood painted out white- which is my plan...eventually).

My Gallery Wall/ Entrance Hallway:

Various Christmas decor items top my kijiji-ed dresser this Christmas. All were gifts from clients and loved ones.

My Kitchen: 

I used more of my grandmother's Christmas decorations in my kitchen. 

I used some red sparkly ornaments on some of my cupboards.

I used some of her garland above my kitchen window. 

 And these adorable vintage Santa candle holders/ Salt and Pepper shakers were my grandmother's as well. 

But, back to my sign- here it is hung for Christmas with the other sign, one more time. I'm thinking that I'll likely paint the other sides of the plywood to hang for the other 3 seasons of the year...but that is yet to be determined.


I'm really very pleased with how they turned out. 

I hope this post inspires you to repurpose/ recycle/ reuse your Christmas decor around your home!

Christmas Blessings, friends.

Friday, 2 December 2016

My Repurposed Hunk Of Plywood Christmas Sign

While looking for something in my garage the other day, I came across a few 'hunks' of plywood. I call them hunks only because they weren't cut in any real fashion except to be able to fit into my vehicle.

While fixing a hole in my floor a few weeks ago, to my annoyance, the plywood depth that I needed only came in a HUGE piece. And it was $40 dollars. I needed such a small scrap-of-a-piece for my floor- but I assured myself that I would find use for all the other pieces one day.

And so I have.

I have a very large, empty spot on my wall above the sectional in my living room.

For the last 2 months, since I've moved in, I've been debating what to put up in that space. 

Well, at least for now- I have something to put there. A painted wooden sign. And every time I look at it, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I made it with my own 2 hands. I LOVE that.

I started out with my 2 'hunks' of plywood.

I then painted one grey (I picked up a quart of this grey colour for $3 in the mis-tints at Home Depot- and am painting my stairs/railings with this colour as well. Post on that to come), and painted the other a teal colour that I had hanging around, as well (I used this teal colour for the vanity in my last home- you can read that post here).

The grey one I envisioned as a night sky with 3 wise men on a hilly terrain- very similar to this reclaimed wood sign that I loved found here

First I painted the terrain the same teal colour as the other sign. I plan to hang them next to one another, so the colours will work nicely.

I then chalked in the lettering first. This is a great way to get sizing/ spacing right with no commitment at all. Once I had the lettering to my satisfaction, I simply painted over the chalk with white paint.

While I had the white paint out, I painted on the Wise Men with their camels. I free-handed while looking at these photos as a guide.

I debated using the white for the lettering for the word ADORE, but I'm pleased that I decided to go with the teal instead.

I added some stars in the white paint, and went over it with some silver that I had in my basement.



In the end, I also added some silver to the word ADORE. And, I'm very happy that I did.

So, there you have it, friends. A wooden Christmas sign that cost $0 dollars to make. The plywood was sitting unused in my garage, and the paint was already in my possession.

I will post soon on the other sign once it is finished and I have them both hung up on my wall.

Thanks for reading.