Saturday, 21 January 2017

In My Cuban Closet 2017

As I stared down the barrel of of a new year, as I became more and more nervous about going back to school, as I was coming down from a Christmas Holiday high, I was able to fly away to the Santa Clara airport in sunny Cuba and relax for a 3 night stay in beautiful Cayo Santa Maria.  

For a 3 night stay, I didn't need to bring much. I spent the days by the beach- or pool when there were jellyfish (!), and brought a couple of dresses for the evenings.

Here are the thrifted dresses that were in my Cuban Closet this year:

Lace Dress- $12.99 Value Village
Black Wedges- FREE from Clothing Swap (seen here

Black Dress- Thrifted many, many moons ago. I can't even remember what I paid for it now.


Strapless Maxi Dress- $17.99 Value Village
Here I have it on with my black wedges.

But, I decided to wear the dress with my silver gladiator sandals instead of the wedges.
$12.99 Value Village, also seen here

I know I promised my readers more posts lately. I have a lot that I would like to blog about, actually! It's almost bubbling up inside of me....a new [amazing] relationship and how wonderful it feels, repurposed items around my new home, outfits, and an increasing anger at the "thrift" shops prices that seem to have no limit to how high they will climb...

But, unfortunately, my blogging will have to take a back-burner to my schooling. This will be a short season. And I will blog when I tonight. :)

Thanks for reading, friends.