Thursday, 15 June 2017

My DIY'ed $2 Bathroom Sign

As I've mentioned before, life is busy these days.

What I have just recently realized is, when I'm feeling overwhelmed- crafting actually helps center me. Is that weird?

Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment when I look at that creation on my wall (or wherever it ends up), I actually feel less stressed about life in general when I'm creating something. Interesting.

With that in mind, I went digging through my many planks of wood that I've traded for, saved, or rescued. I wanted to make a sign for my bathroom. The wall above the toilet was looking bare. I traded a couple of things with a friend of mine and scored a super adorable raw-wood bathroom cabinet, and decided to make a sign to go under it.

Now, I could've done any number of other things on my To-Do list for that room...painting the cabinets, putting new flooring down, painting the baseboards...but hey- I was just trying to kill some time between school assignments and bedtime.

I had seen several signs similar to the one that I ended up making on Pinterest (where else??). 

I used a simple 2x6 plank. I painted it with some white primer that I had laying around. I like the look of the flat primer and think it adds to that farmhouse-type feel.

For the lettering I used a grey paint that I used to paint my stairs, and I also used it on these Christmas signs. I used a light grey paint for the corner 'squiggly' designs that I picked up in the mis-tint paints for $2. The twine I used to hang the sign I found in a box in my basement (yet another huge job...the basement...).

And here is my sign that cost me $2 to make. 

Cabinet- Free (traded)
Sign- $2 and a couple of hours
(I'm really wishing that I had not taken a photo of my ugly flooring and my unpainted baseboards. Sigh...)


And there you have it friends. My DIY'ed $2 bathroom sign.

I think it's pretty swell.

Thanks for reading!


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