In My Closet

The 2nd-Hand Outfits From My Closet

 Birthday Party Outfit

Sushi Lunch

Animal Print- Only For Cougars?

My Bag-Sale Scarf

In My Cuban Closet

Anything in there for a Clothing Swap?


Purple Tights And....

With A Top-Knot

Stripes With Plaid

Chambray With Leggings Times 2

A Lazy Saturday And My Just One Bracelet 

Sunday Morning

A (Gulp!) New Shirt

Loving Shorts With Tights

Sequins With Chambray

Black Satin Shorts

Clothing Swap Scores

On the hunt for Cobalt Blue items for my closet

Looking for some MINT items for my closet

Grey Animal Print

Calgary Consignment Shop Dress

In My Dominican Closet

My Fabulously Amazing Sequin Jacket

My Neon Pink Tank

Dressing Up- My Favourite Dresses

My Super Adorable $1 Dress

My Madrid, Spain Thrift Shopping Finds

In My Madrid Closet

A Truly Maxi Dress- And A Peach Top To Match

Some Coral Jeans, A Cobalt Blue Belt and a Denim Vest

Hot For Fall- Leopard Print

An Eclectic Mix Of Maternity And Non-Maternity Clothing

Maternity: The Night I Rocked My Sequin Jacket

Maternity: Dancing In My Thrifted Green Jeans at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Maternity: Still Loving My Thrifted Maxi Skirts 

Maternity: Do These Polka Dots Make Me Look Fat? ;)

Maternity: A 'Bar-Star' Dress Becomes An Awesome Maternity Shirt

In My Dominican Closet

Patterned Leggings

A Valentine's Day Pencil Skirt 

Pleather Leggings 

Clothing Swap May 2015 

My Thrifted Lace Dress And Nude Heels

Newest Clothing Swap

After A Springtime Swap 2016 

My Super Awesome Pair Of Thrifted Acid-Wash Jeans

A Graphic Tank And Grey Leather Clutch

My $2 Sleeveless Denim Shirt And 3 Ways I Can Wear It

Periwinkle Pants and Silver Gladiators 

A Great Day Thrifting- A Leather Skirt, A Sweater, Boots, A Purse, And A Dress

In My Cuban Closet 2017

In My Panama Closet

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